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We scour the globe to pass fantastic deals on to customers! We are always on the hunt to find items that are not only practical and valuable to our customers, but also unique in style! Our mission is to provide a variety of high-quality and low-priced products on just one website! You will no longer have to pay for great products at high prices!

The majority of our discount products range from almost-new to brand-new. We provide you with a wide range of categories and subcategories to give you more options to save money! We keep them in a simple and organized order for easy navigation. After all, shouldn't shopping online be a smooth and fun process? You don't want to have the convenience of shopping online turn into an inconvenience due to unorganized categories and cluttered advertisements! All of our categories are no more than two clicks away! Our page load speeds are extremely fast for super fast page to page browsing! Oneshotvariety makes it simple, convenient and fun to shop online!

The architecture of our site is designed quite similar to a museum. We provide you with detailed descriptions of our products. This includes statistics, facts and stories. For example, many of our descriptions provide the history and other valuable information about the product that we feel will be useful to our readers. We work to inform and educate our customers with as much relevant and useful information as possible so you can learn while you shop.

Our products are great for personal use as well as gifts! If you are looking for something weird or unusual, take a look at our oddities. If you are looking for a simple home decoration, take a look at our selection of knick knacks. Collect adorable stuffed animals? We have a large selection of them as well. We provide something great for everyone!

This is not an auction site. The majority of our products are only (one item) in stock. We sell our products on a first-come, first-served basis, so as soon as the first customer's order is submitted, the product is GONE and off the shelves! You get ONE-Shot at a variety of great quality products for discount store prices! Get at it fast before it is snatched away!

Take a look at our new and twisted taxidermy diorama called The Rodent Funeral!

Our Educational Articles

We are now providing educational articles on topics related to our categories. For example, our Health and Fitness category has an informative article called How To Stay Healthy. We provide related content to help inform our readers with information on our topics. All of our articles are written by authors verified by Google. All content is original.

You may be interested in unusual facts and want to learn more about them. Well how about an article about weird human facts? This particular article is located in our Oddities category. It gives examples of unusual facts about the amazing human species.

Read through our new articles called 5 Shockingly Weird Diseases and The Many Faces Of Aliens. Find them in our Odd Articles and alien section.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Site

1. I have a product that I would like to sell. Would I be able to sell it directly to Oneshotvariety?

At this time, we do not purchase products from customers. However, this is subject to change in the future.

2. I am tired of placing my products on auction sites. It is too time consuming. Am I able to place my own products for sale on this site?

Currently, customers are not able to add their own products for sale. In the future, this is likely to change. We realize that just like there are many people that want to buy products, there are also many that want to sell them without waiting for an auction.

3. I understand that once a product is sold, there may never be the same product on the site again. However, can Oneshotvariety place a product on hold if requested?

We understand that a customer may come across a product they really want, but are not prepared to make a purchase right away. If requested, we can hold an unsold product for up to two calendar days. This is a great benefit we offer customers. The customer can request a hold by sending a detailed email to our customer care. Provide your email along with your first and last name. When you are ready for purchase, simply email us back with the same information stating that you are ready to buy the product. We will then send a confirmation email stating the product is ready for purchase.

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