Cute Dolls And Stuffed Animals For Sale

Dolls And Stuffed Animals

Dolls And Stuffed Animals

Evidence Suggests Dolls To Be The Oldest Toys Ever

Archaeological evidence suggests that dolls are the best nominee for the oldest toy of all time. In fact, ancient Egypt tombs of 2000 BCE contained wooden paddle dolls. The first dolls with clothing and movable arms and legs date all the way back to 200 BCE.

The manufacturing of modern dolls have roots in Germany dating back to the 15th century. The production of dolls increased significantly due to the arrival of porcelain and plastic. The popularity of dolls being purchased solely as a collectible increased during the 20th century. Today, many collectors are seeking to find the rarest in the best condition possible.

The Popularity Of Stuffed Animals

Popular stuffed animals such as teddy bears, have brought comfort and companionship to children for well over 100 years. They are loved by millions around the world. In fact, the teddy bear is the most popular stuffed toy in history. They are also the most popular gifts given to children for birthdays and holidays. They also make great collectors items. Adults will often purchase a teddy bear for Valentine's Day. Former President Theodore Roosevelt had a nickname of "Teddy" giving the rise of the name Teddy Bear. The first teddy bear was made between 1902-1903. With more creations of comics, cartoons and movies, children and adults will continue collecting a variety of stuffed animals for many years to come.

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